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We are a non-profit organization, whose aim is to grow the water testing movement more sustainably. Lovingly assembled in Canada.

Community-based water monitoring (CBWM) is a cost-effective and scientifically rigorous way for Canadians to collect data on the quality of freshwater across watersheds. Water Rangers designs, produces and manages a unique combination of tools that lower barriers to water quality monitoring and water stewardship.

We design water quality testkits used to monitor the key health parameters in fresh and marine waters, as well as kits specifically designed for educators. Our testkits are affordable, easy to use and provide results right in the field. Our kits are available for purchase through our online store, below. Water Rangers has an internal mandate that 25% of our grant-supported equipment go to Indigenous and underserved communities.

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We had a great time using [the testkit]. I actually wanted to mention how great it was for not just the information it creates for everyone to use, but how it makes you much more aware about taking care of the quality of the lakes. I felt I was always very environmentally conscious, but this kit made me even more aware, and hopefully able to impart that onto my son.

Bryan Frankfurth, testkit borrower