Part of empowering citizens is participating in research (both formal and informal) that improves user experience, validates testing methods, and more. Water Rangers is helping to facilitate access to community-based water monitoring which helps provide baseline line data in data deficient areas. Our research dives into how we can make citizen science more accessible. We’ve outlined five key categories of our own research and other research that dives deeper into community-based water monitoring. This page explores new tools, behaviour, business, thought leadership, and our collaborations with other amazing organizations!

Research Impacts

Working together

Weaving together data from governments, researchers, and community groups broadens our knowledge on a range of topics! Gaining new ideas and perspectives allows us to develop better methods for our test kits.

Leading change

Assessing the benefits of community-based water monitoring shows us where to start searching for answers on the ways in which we can improve water quality. With more people connected to their local environments, we can move forward into a more environmentally conscientious world.

Looking forward

Analyzing data allows us to make recommendations on how to move data into action. We are making investments in our future to create change!