About our data platform

Using our app for data collection in the field!

We’ve created a field app for iOS and that allows you to collect data in the field, even when you’re offline! You’ll still use our website to view data as well as manage your group and profile.

How our app works

If you’re passionate about water and you’re part of a group using our water quality testkits, or if you have your own equipment, you can use our platform to share your data! By uploading your data to our data platform, you’re helping to create a baseline for water bodies across North America. That’s why each observation counts; by sharing your data, you help us know which areas aren’t being monitored. 

If you have your own equipment, you can: 

  • Share your data on our platform to make it accessible to anyone
  • Customize your observation form to match the parameters you’re measuring
  • Create a group to manage different users 
  • Report issues related to water quality, pollution, and more!

Intro to the Water Rangers platform

How to customize your forms