Freshwater testing products

If you’re looking to test your local lake, river, stream, or pond, you’re in the right place!

To walk next to water is one experience, but to engage with it is completely altering. Soggy clothes, sand stuck between the toes, it’s smell permeating into your pores. Even hours past a “little dip” water test, it sticks with you.

Emily, Lake Erie Guardian 2021

Need help learning how to setup your water monitoring program?

  • Check out our fundraising toolkit that will help you apply for funding for our testkits. We have lots of experience showing the impact of water testing in communities!
  • We want you to feel ownership of your water testing program. That’s why many of our groups customize their testkit with their own name or logo.
  • We work with community groups, scientists, conservation authorities and schools. Here’s how to get your group started, and here’s more about our education programs.
  • A huge part of water monitoring is sharing your data. We have created a free, open data platform that helps you and your community share your data.
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Partners using our Freshwater testkits

Here's just a few of the groups using our testkits:

Right from the beginning Juno set a great tone. Her background (the Mississippi) drew the students in and her effusive and enthusiastic personality shone through… all students we glued to the screen and engaged in this talk. The demonstration on how to use the kit prepared students to confidently test water later in the afternoon and on the next day.

Greg Stephens, Grade 11 teacher