We are so inspired by our community! Our Ripple Effect series is an important way we can share our communities great work is through their stories. On Water Testing Weekend, we encourage you to get out and test your local waterways. Each edition of the Ripple Effect is shared in celebration of that month’s Water Testing Weekend, and features at least one expert that our community can learn from.

Why experts? When it comes to protecting waterways, community-based water monitoring is often just one piece of an incredible ecosystem of actions. So, we’ve recruited a series of experts to help us deepen our knowledge and bring us new ideas. These experts include community champions, data experts, scientists, knowledge holders, and more. Join us as we learn from these experts and deepen our knowledge of the monitoring ecosystem.

Who's involved

Graham Perry

Videographer and director

The Water Rangers team

Producers and community builders

Our community partners

They're inspirational leaders doing important work for waterways