Dissolved Oxygen Testkit

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Test for dissolved oxygen using this CHEMets Colorimetric Analysis kit! Contains enough vials for 30 tests, as well as a 2-minute sand timer. Ampoule refills available.

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The dissolved oxygen test kit is protected by a solid plastic case and contains everything you need to perform water quality analysis for DO. This testkit has been tested against professional probes with good results.

What’s normal for dissolved oxygen in water?

  • 0-2 mg/L: not enough oxygen to support life
  • 2-4 mg/L: only a few fish and aquatic insects can survive
  • 4-7 mg/L: good for many aquatic animals, low for cold water fish
  • 7-11 mg/L: very good for most stream fish

Learn more about dissolved oxygen here.

Each kit contains:

  • 30 self-filling chemical analysis ampoules
    25 mL sample cup
    colourmetric comparator


  • Range 1-12 mg/L or ppm
    30 tests
    Analysis Time: 2 minutes

Our testing protocol using the Chemetrics testing method:


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