Building the tools to care for your local waterways.

We imagine a world where every waterbody’s community has the tools they need to take care of them. Plus, every lake, river, or stream should have enough data to know whether or not they are healthy. Our ability to design beautifully integrated water testing experiences means that our tools are easy-to-use and accessible. That means custom water quality testkits, an open-data platform to manage data, and specially designed resources so that anyone can get started.

We were founded at the Aquahacking challenge in 2015. Here’s a quick 2-minute video that explains a bit about ‘why we are’ and what our platform can do.

Our amazing team

Kat Kavanagh

Executive Director

Gabrielle Parent-Doliner


Laura Gilbert

Community & Operations Manager

Nikolas MacLean

Sustainability & Social Enterprise Manager

Emelia Duguay

Communications Coordinator

Will Sayavong

Warehouse coordinator