Water Rangers projects!

The best way to understand how communities use Water Rangers' tools is to see them in action. Here are some great examples!

The Ripple Effect

Our video series features experts and partners who are inspiring progress in community-based water monitoring.

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For the past 3 years, we’ve been working with the University of Regina, governments, and community to bridge gaps between people and water quality data collecting. This project involves both research and community engagement across the province.

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Lake Erie Guardians

Since 2021, we’ve supported community capacity in the Lake Erie watershed. In partnership with many, we’ve embarked on data collection and restoration projects.

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This year, we co-designed an integrated project with the municipality of Val-des-Monts, monitoring 48 lakes and integrating field testing with lab testing. From custom testkits to new process flows, we took this opportunity to learn. We also embarked on a simpler way to share data openly.

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Fish Health

We’re working with Blue Fish Canada to engage young anglers in water quality and fish health and habitat. The primary purpose of the project is to grow the capacity of youth to participate in community-based water monitoring and water stewardship in Ottawa as they learn about sustainable ecosystems and fish.

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United Kingdom

In the UK, we’re prototyping new ways to help groups mobilize volunteers and set up sustainable monitoring programs. Water Rangers has joined CaSTCO, a national effort to establish guidelines for better collaborations between communities and water companies. Right now, efforts to lower barriers in the River Wey Catchment have been very successful!

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Research Projects

Part of empowering citizens is participating in research (both formal and informal) that improves user experience, validates testing methods, and more. This page explores new tools, behaviour, business, thought leadership, and our collaborations with other amazing organizations!

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Education Programs

Water Rangers has equipped hundreds of teachers with tools to provide hands-on learning! From exploring scientific concepts to discussing climate anxiety, our education friends have used Water Rangers to teach over 25,000 students!

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Ocean Week

We are helping promote water and ocean literacy alongside the Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition. We support groups in organizing their water themed events during Ocean Week each year.

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