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Welcome to our educational resources information page! Our Education testkit was designed with students and teachers in mind and is your one-stop resource for water quality monitoring. Our education testkit has strong and intentional connections to elementary and secondary school curriculums across Canada. Explore these curriculum connections here. On top of our education kit, we also have many downloadable activities, lessons, and other resources, which you can explore on this page.

A group of young students on a dock water testing

Our educational framework

Experiential education – The how

The tools in our water quality testkits offer young people direct, hands-on experiences. By reflecting on these experiences, young people can formulate hypotheses then refine them through experimentation. This cycle of learning deepens both their understanding of water science and their interest in environmental stewardship.

Discover our Education Testkit and its accessible, easy-to-use tools for students

Learn more about our work delivering hands-on water testing experiences with Les Scientifines in Montréal

Science education – The what

From measuring pH to understanding the effects of pollution on aquatic ecosystems, young people build important scientific skills and knowledge through our activities. Having fun and meaningful experiences monitoring water can also ignite a passion for science! In 2020, 88% of the 6,250 students who participated in our programs increased their interest in STEM.

Explore our science lessons and resources

Discover the connections between our activities and provincial curriculums

Outdoor education – The where

Lakes, streams, ponds or oceans⁠—any water body can become our classroom. By being out in nature, young people nurture their relationship to the water and the land. In our work, we observed that people who test water weekly significantly increase their “nature relatedness”, which has been shown to promote wellbeing and pro-environmental behaviour.

Explore our interactive map with more than 5,000 water testing locations

Learn more about our collaborations with educational organizations that take young people outdoors

Environmental education – The why

Our activities empower young people to address the environmental issues they care about. When we learn about water bodies, we want to protect them. When we realize how important initiatives like water monitoring or shoreline cleanup can be, we act. By teaching young people about water preservation, we’re inspiring the next generation of water stewards!

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Discover what analyzing data from Sharbot Lake can teach students about the effects of climate change on lakes

Some of our education partners

We have been fortunate to work with amazing school boards and organizations!

The kits are so well laid out that it was easy to communicate how to use them and what the results mean. I learned a simpler way to communicate water sampling and I was glad to learn about how citizen sampling helps researchers. It's cool to be part of something bigger.

Greg Stephens, Grade 11 teacher, Bayside Secondary School, ON