The Lake Erie Guardians program is funded by Province of Ontario, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks’ Great Lakes Local Action Fund. This initiative has the goal of getting more residents involved in stewardship of their local corner of the Lake Erie Watershed. The Detroit River, Thames River, and Grand River are all part of the Lake Erie Watershed. In 2021 we put out a call for people to join the program, inviting them to help keep an eye on the health of the Lake Erie watershed. We only had spots for 35 people. Over 300 people and groups answered the call to join the Guardians program.

We equipped over 70 people and groups in the Lake Erie watershed with Water Rangers’ freshwater testkits.

Program Objectives

    • Support local community volunteer participation in the Lake Erie Guardians Programs

    • Educate and empower volunteers and the local community to learn about water quality impacts, methods of monitoring and restoration, and local biodiversity

    • Work with community members to build their restoration skills by planting native plant species and seeds, bolstering natural features to improve water quality, cleaning up shorelines, and water monitoring

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