Transparency turbidity tube with Secchi disk


This turbidity can be used to measure turbidity, otherwise known as water clarity. Comes with an 18″ Tube (45cm), a NTU measurement sticker on the side and a secchi disk inside the tube.

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Use our simple 18″ turbidity tube to determine the transparency of water in a murky waterbody where the use of a secchi disk would be impractical. Use this device in murky lakes, streams, oceans as well as other bodies of water. The turbidity tube is a clear tube with a small Secchi Disc of alternating black and white quadrants and provides a quick and easy way to determine turbidity, which is a measure of clarity of the water. This is important as it can correlate to the amount of sediments or pollutants in the water.



18 inches tall – or 45 cm
Opposing black and white quarters on secchi disk 
NTU measurements labelled on side of tube


Turbidity is a measure of the ability of light to pass through water, essentially the measurement of the water’s murkiness. Measuring murkiness gives an estimate of suspended solids in the water. Turbidity measurements also take into account algae and plankton present in the water.

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 61 × 6 × 6 cm

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