Create a group account

Water Rangers’ data platform is a free web app that allows you and your group to manage, share, and view your test results. Whether you’re two or 20 people coming together to make a difference, setting yourselves up as a “group” on Water Rangers will help you get there.

Step 1: Create your group account

Creating a group on Water Rangers is free and easy. Simply follow the instructions on the sign up page to get your group started. Remember, you need to create a user account before you create a group account.

Choose a group admin

Who ever sets up the group account is by default the group administrator. The group admin can manage the group account, the observation forms, as well as your group members.

The administrator can invite members to join, accept requests to join the group, manage your group profile, and observation forms.

Fill out all information on the group account form

It’s important to fill out all the information about your group on the “create new group form.” Please note as well if you are using the Water Rangers testkits. At this stage, you can also choose to share you data with our collaborator, DataStream. DataStream is an open data platform designed to make water quality data easier to access and share. Now through an automated connection, groups using Water Rangers can automatically choose to share their data on DataStream too. 

Step 3: Customize your group’s observation form

Once you’ve created your group account, it’s time to customize your observation form. As group admin, you can edit your forms, but group members cannot.

Wait, what’s an observation form? Basically, your “observation form” is exactly what it sounds like- it’s the “form” your volunteers will use to record their test results and observations!

Customizing your observation form is a great idea, because then your group will only see the fields that apply to it. This helps reduce the chances of someone making a mistake, and also makes it easier and faster to record your results.

To customize your observation form, go to your group’s homepage. Then, click “Manage Group.”

Once you’re here, click “Observation Form” on the left-hand side.

Then, simply drag the parameters you’re testing for to the green box, and the parameters you’re not testing for to the red box. The parameters left in the beige box will remain on the form under the list of “additional tests.”

Don’t forget to click “update” at the bottom of the page to save your changes!

Step 4: Draw the region that your group will be testing in

Go to “Region” on your Group Admin menu, and then draw a shape around the area that your testers will be active in.

Step 5: Edit your group’s settings

If anyone else is testing in same region as you, you have the option to be notified of it. Simply check off the appropriate box in the “Settings” section of the Group Admin menu.

Step 6: Add your group members

To add members to your group, click on the “Members” section of your Group Admin menu. Then, add your group members by email. They’ll get an email saying that you’ve added them, and will have the option to accept or decline your invitation.