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Northern Youth Leadership

"We were able to incorporate scientific processes into land based learning, which was interesting and engaging for the youth.  The design of the kit allowed multiple youth to be engaged at once, and they had to work collaboratively to accomplish the testing.  As an educator, it was pretty exciting to watch the kids take charge of the Water Rangers testing kit and make observations and hypotheses without any prompting."

Hidden Valley School

"The Grade 1/2 students at Hidden Valley School were so excited meeting Laura Gilbert over Zoom and had many connections and questions to share with her about their knowledge and interest around water and water quality. She got us thinking about acidity and we were able to share a lot of examples of acidic and basic materials. Afterwards, we hiked out to a local beaver dam, and practiced water quality testing and temperature reading, just as Laura taught us."


"Students enjoyed being involved in all aspects of the actual testing. They often expressed how fun ("more fun than labs at school") and neat it was to do "hands on" science. They expressed understanding of the connection between the activity and their immediate environment. They were engaged in explanations of watersheds, how important baseline data collection is, and how this can be a very important and impactful way to care for the water they love."