The basics

Whether you’ve been testing the water for years or you’re just getting started, we’ve got you covered.

In this section, you’ll find helpful training videos and resources, as well as ideas for how you can make even more of an impact.

1. First, get to know us

Learn about who we are and what we do by watching this quick intro video. You can also learn more about our team here, or find out why water testing is so important.

2. Familiarize yourself with our protocol

Whatever your reason for wanting to test water, it’s best to do so in an organized way! This is so you can make the most of your time and effort. Our official testing day is on the last weekend of every month. Learn more about our protocol here.

The Water Rangers Protocol

3. Get to know our tools

If you want to start monitoring your local waterbodies but you don’t have the tools to do so yet, you can purchase equipment at our online store. Questions about what kind of kit would be best for you? Check out our store guide, or contact us.

Browse the shop

4. Learn how to use our tools

The type of training you’ll need depends on the type of tools you have. Click on each button to learn how to use the specific type of kit listed.

Freshwater Explorer kit

Ocean Explorer kit

5. Learn how to upload your data

Sharing your data is one of the most important parts of water quality monitoring. Before getting started, you’ll need to create an account on our data platform if you haven’t already.

Our data platform and app are both designed to be super easy for you to use. Click on each button below to learn how to use each one- training only takes a couple of minutes!

How to use the data platform

How to use the mobile app

Since starting the testing, I have found that I am noticing the surrounding nature so much more every time I go outside. Who looks in the ditch for flowers?? Well, now I do! I've also started to look for and find animal tracks and signs of insects. I managed to find some pretty neat looking bird tracks on the sandy beaches and have been hearing all kinds of birds that still remain elusive.

Jessica, City of Ottawa Scavenger Hunt participant