Getting started


Whether you’re an educator, a member of a lake association, or simply someone who’s interested in getting involved with water testing, we’ve got something for you.

To give you an idea of what we’re all about, you can tour our site here

I have my own equipment already

That’s awesome! Our platform is free and open for anyone and everyone to use. Check out this page for information on how to upload your data, start a group, and so on. 

I don’t have equipment yet, but I want to get some

We’ve got you covered! We have a store where we sell all kinds of water testing equipment, including our flagship Freshwater Explorer testkit.

Im not ready to fully commit just yet…

If you’re not sure that you want to invest in testing equipment just yet, thats okay! You can borrow a testkit from one of our testkit lending locations.

I’ve gotten my hands on a Water Rangers testkit! So now what?

Everything you need to know about using your testkit can be found in your field guide, which comes with your testkit. If flipping through the field guide isn’t quite your style, check out our training videos here!

When you use one of our kits, you’re encouraged to follow our testing protocol. Don’t worry though, this isn’t as scary as it sounds! Our tools, platform, and protocol are designed to be used by anyone, no matter their age or level of expertise. 

If you’ve started to test and are interested in connecting with others in your region, join our Water Rangers Testers Facebook page.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!