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Welcome to our Education Testkit information page! Our education testkit was designed with students and teachers in mind and is your one-stop resource for water quality monitoring.

Integrated curriculum

Our education testkit has strong and intentional connections to elementary and secondary school curriculums across Canada. Explore these curriculum connections here.

Extra resources

On top of our education kit, we also have many downloadable activities, lessons, and other resources, which you can find here.

Using your kit

Watch our unboxing and training video on how to use our Education testkit below:

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Development of this testkit was made possible thanks to the support of the NSERC PromoScience Grant

Our family started with the scavenger hunt and a mini kit. The kids were excited to explore a new experiment each day for a whole week. They liked it so much that we shared the experience with the school and 4-H Saskatchewan, who then taught similar lessons with the mini kits to the 4-H Saskatchewan summer day camps. Our 4-H club and family each have a freshwater explore kit now. What an amazing summer of discovery! The kids are more engaged and asking questions about local watersheds, ecology, chemistry, and the effects of humans on the natural environment. We are excited to learn more in the years to come!

Amy McInnes, Science Odyssey participant from Prince Albert, SK.