Water Rangers in the UK!

We’re so excited to support groups in the UK that are starting up water monitoring programs! These groups are following our monthly sampling protocol, testing on the last Sunday of every month (with alternative dates of Friday, Saturday, and Monday).

Our UK tests are slightly different from the one in Canada and the United States. The ‘normal’ values for nutrients (phosphorus and nitrates) are naturally higher, which means that field tests can be used! If you’re interested in purchasing a UK testkit, please contact us.

Groups testing in the UK

River Wey Trust

Zero Guidford

Tewkesbury Nature Reserve

UK water testing Protocol

Consult your field guide for complete instructions!

  • Go to your site.
  • Hang the thermometer in the shade. Record air temperature.
  • Attach reacher stick. Rinse the sample cup 3 times. Take a water sample 15cm below the surface.
  • Put the conductivity meter in the water. Wait until values stabilize. Record conductivity and water temperature.
  • Take a phosphate sample and set a timer for 5 minutes.
  • Take a nitrate sample and set the timer for 3 minutes.
  • Dip in a teststrip. Record chlorine, pH, alkalinity & hardness.
  • Add context and data.
  • Wipe off your sample cup and reacher stick with your towel.
  • Pack up your testkit!

A video on uploading data specific to UK groups is coming soon! In the meantime, please take a look at this tutorial on how to use the data platform.

Thank you to the funders of our UK projects!

Councillors from Liphook, Haslemere, and Guildford have helped participants get supplies. A full list is coming soon.