Waste and sustainability

Here at Water Rangers, we are always thinking about the kinds of impact that we have on our environment. Our goal is to constantly reassess our tools to reduce waste, reduce shipping by consolidating ordering and working with our suppliers to reduce packaging. For example, our new compact testkit was shipped in the boxes we designed so they can be used to ship to you, with the intro information you need printed on them (no extra paper required).

Biodegradable packing peanuts

Nested along with awesome Water Rangers stuff that you receive in the mail are other great things that you might not know about – packing peanuts. They are completely biodegradable, made from wheat, corn, and starch meaning they can be thrown into the compost. They even dissolve in water and are harmless for the drain!

Dissolved oxygen ampoule recycling

While you’re out in the field, you can keep your used dissolved oxygen ampoules in the small “waste container” that comes with your kit. Afterward, used dissolved oxygen ampoules can be thrown in the trash. Unfortunately, they are not recyclable as they’re made of a specific type of glass. You’ll be happy to know that the dye inside of the ampoules is non-toxic but please be extra cautious that you keep away from eyes and mouths.

Always make sure to be extra careful when handling and disposing of the ampoules, as they’re made of delicate glass. Further, try to make sure you dispose of every single piece of glass- including the small tip you broke off in your sample cup! When in doubt, use gloves or a toothpick to dislodge any broken glass.

Used teststrip recycling

While you’re out in the field, you can keep your used teststrips in the small “waste container” that comes with your kit (not the same container you keep your used dissolved oxygen ampoules in- your kit should come with one for each!).

Afterward, you can do one of three things:

1) Dispose of your used teststrips in the trash,

2) Recycle them (check to see if your local recycling centre accepts them first — some do recycle these if you remove the pads with your finger), or

3) Mail them to us for recycling!

Your testkit should have come with a small envelope with our mailing address on it specifically for option #3. If this is missing, or you no longer have this, no worries! Just send us a quick message, and we’ll send you our mailing address within 1-2 business days.

For sustainability purposes, we recommend choosing option #2 or #3 if you can.

Recyclable envelopes

Unlike regular plastic envelopes, the envelopes we for collecting used teststrips are recyclable.

Shoreline cleanups

Whenever we host a Water Rangers event with groups, we bring trash pickers and make sure that shore line cleanup is a part of our programming. That way everyone can enjoy the water!

I took a test kit along to the Toronto Island for a day on the lagoon. The kit fits easily on a paddleboard and this allows you to take water samples from places other than the shoreline. All of the instruments were easy to use, even on a moving board!

Elise Mackie, Swim Drink Fish