Salinity refractometer


Wondering how salty a body of water is? Use this refractometer to find out! This refractometer is easy to calibrate and requires little maintenance, making it a simple way to measure salinity.

Looking for something more precise? Check out our salinity meter!

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Measure salt water or salinity of water, ideal for aquariums and marine monitoring.
Measures on 2 scales, Specific Gravity (D 20/20) and parts per thousand (ppt).
We record ppt on our app, with 35 being the average for the ocean.
Features automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
Comes with hard case, dropper, screwdriver, tube of distilled water and cleaning cloth.

Quick Conversions for Salinity measurements

35 g dissolved salt / kg sea water = 35 ppt = 35 o/oo = 3.5% = 35000 ppm = 35000 mg/l

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Weight .256 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 9 × 5.5 cm

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