We’re building the next generation of water leaders

Welcome! If you’re here, that likely means your student(s) just completed their first water testing experiments with their class or camp. Water testing is so important for the health of our waters, plus it helps teach students about the wonders of water science. Here’s a snapshot of what they learnt with Water Rangers.

Testing with Water Rangers

Our testkits and tools help youth learn about water science by teaching them to…

  1. Use their senses to test a hypothesis
  2. Conduct basic water chemistry tests
  3. Appreciate that every water body is unique!
Learning together is more fun, plus its safer

Your student is part of a bigger movement!

Every year, we teach hundreds of students across Canada to conduct basic water quality tests. Time and time again, we find that when students test the water, they develop stronger connections to it. Not only that, but water testing helps students gain a greater appreciation for nature in general! We truly believe that the best way to learn about science and the environment is by getting your hands dirty (sometimes literally). That’s why we believe in our testkits and tools as much as we do: they help students gain practical skills that they can carry with them for life.

Want to help us reach more students?

As a non-profit, we depend on the generosity of people like you! We hope to reach more students than ever in 2022, and with your help, we’re confident we can get there.

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If you’re anything like us (and we have a feeling you might be), you’ll probably become curious about what else you and your student(s) can do for water now that you’ve taken these first few steps together. For more ideas on how to get involved, follow us on social media! Our growing community of water testers is sure to inspire you, and we hope you’ll continue to be a part of it. 

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