Lessons and resources

Below are some helpful worksheets and presentation slides that you can download and use with your students! These resources were put together by our education coordinator, whom you can contact if you have any questions!

Student Page

Worksheets and presentations

Algae blooms (grades 6-8)
Algae blooms presentation (grades 6-8)
Data to the rescue – Teacher guide (grades 4-8)
Data to the rescue – Presentation (grades 4-8)
Data to the rescue – Student handout (grades 4-8)
Flow rate worksheet (grades 9-12)
Flow rate presentation (grades 9-12)


Water and your community
Changing pH with household products (grades 1-5)
Measuring the flow rate of a stream (grades 3-6)
Invasive species in your waterways (grades 3-6)
Student training course (grades 4-8)
Glossary of terms

Replacing Printables

Observation sheet (PDF)
Takehome cards (PDF)