Sign up for Science Literacy!

Register your class or group today to learn about water quality data and have one of two chances to win water quality equipment for your classroom! This activity is recommended for grades 4-8. Science Literacy week runs from September 19 to September 23.

If you sign up, we’ll send you a document containing 5 math activities, one for each day of Science Literacy week. You’ll receive a teacher instruction package, slides for your class, and student handouts. We’ll send those to you by September 14.  

Through these easy 15-minute activities, your students will learn about interpreting water quality data graphs (temperature and dissolved oxygen), noticing changes over time and get discussing what might impact water quality! All this using data gathered by everyday people that care about water. Share your experience with us through a short survey at the end for a chance to win one of an Education testkit or a 10-pack of Tiny testkits at the end of the week.

This Science Literacy week is supported by NSERC!