Introduce your class to water testing

Lesson overview:

In this lesson, your students will learn why involving the public in water quality testing is important, how to use the Water Rangers Education testkit and our open data platform. The lesson starts with in-the-classroom knowledge about why water bodies need us to get involved in monitoring. It’s then followed with explanations on how to use the different elements in the kits, in the classroom and outdoors. Finally, you’ll find an example of how the data using the kits helped resolve an issue in the real world.

Recommended grades: 7 and up

Tools you need: 

  • Your Education testkit
  • Safe access to a water body (stream, river, lake)

Learning outcomes:

Lesson itself! – Lesson steps (big titles with time stamps)

  • In the classroom 
  • Outdoors
  • Real world knowledge 

Suggestions for enrichment (extra activities the students can do) 

Discussion questions

  • 3 open ended questions for the class 

Curriculum links (to different grades? Could do to competencies) – our general curriculum page 

Lesson resources (links to relevant docs and online information 

Glossary (important relevant terms explained simply)

Examples for layout: