Compact freshwater testkit

A lightweight, compact version of our most popular kit! The Compact Freshwater kit is the perfect kit to take on excursions.

You can also add on a private training webinar. During your webinar, our community & operations manager, Laura, will teach you how to use your testkit and how to upload your results to our data platform.

Custom compact kit with your own design on it also available.

Bulk discounts are applied at checkout. 5% off 10 or more.  10% off 20 or more.

Compact ocean testkit

Our newest edition! We redesigned our Compact freshwater kit to use in ocean environments where the water is brackish or salty. Our new, sleek case comes with a carrying strap, making it easier than ever to carry. There’s also a bit more room inside, meaning your items will be easier to pack up once you’re done!
Compact, lightweight, and convenient for quick sampling or traveling. This kit is great for adventuring and avid naturalists. Water samples can be taken anywhere quickly and easily!

Custom compact kit design with your logo on it is available. Your logo will need to very simple. We will work with you to make sure it’s suitable

Bulk discounts are applied at checkout. 5% off 20 or more.  10% off 30 or more.

Dissolved oxygen

Test for dissolved oxygen using this CHEMets Colorimetric Analysis kit! Contains enough vials for 30 tests, as well as a 2-minute sand timer. Ampoule refills available.

Discounts of 5% for 5 or more.

Secchi disk

This Secchi disk can be used to measure turbidity, otherwise known as water clarity. It can also be used to measure water depth! Comes with an easy-to-read reel. 

Bulk discounts available. You can get 10% off 5 or more, or 15% off 10 or more.

Water bottle

Water is for testing AND drinking of course! Stay hydrated and show off your pride with your own Water Rangers water bottle!

Salinity refractometer

Wondering how salty a body of water is? Use this refractometer to find out! This refractometer is easy to calibrate and requires little maintenance, making it a simple way to measure salinity.

Looking for something more precise? Check out our salinity meter!

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