Show up to Ocean Week in style with these fin-tastic DIY costume ideas!

Ocean Week is coming up, and we’re riding the wave of excitement! From June 1 to 9, 2024, communities nationwide will unite to honour our deep connection to the sea. One of the highlights of Ocean Week is the chance to dive into the festivities with style! Whether you’re lacing up your running shoes for a parkrun or joining a local ocean-themed event, decking yourself out in ocean-inspired attire is the perfect way to make a splash!

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Get creative and seas the moment!

From rainbow fish to scuba divers, we’ve got you covered with creative and eco-friendly outfits that are shore to turn some heads and make a statement. So grab your materials and let’s dive right in!

  1. Rainbow fish tee: Channel your inner rainbow fish with this vibrant and colorful costume idea. All you need is a plain t-shirt and some felt to create the scales. Check out this DIY tutorial for easy instructions. Whether you glue, sew, or safety pin the scales, you’ll be sure to shine like the rainbow!
  2. Jellyfish hat: Grab a hat and get creative with cardboard and recycled plastics to create your very own floating jellyfish while making a statement about plastic pollution. Check out this fully recycled plastics tutorial for inspiration and let your imagination run wild. For an extra touch of magic, add some twinkling Christmas lights to make your jellyfish glow!
  3. Octopus toddler: Turn your little one into a cute and cuddly octopus with this adorable costume idea. All you need are some colorful socks and a bit of creativity. Follow this no-sew tutorial to transform your two-legged tot into an eight-legged marvel that’s sure to steal the show!
  4. Furry fin friend: Don’t forget about your furry family members! Transform your dog into a delightful shark with this fun and easy costume idea. With just a few simple materials, you can create a fin-tastic ensemble that will have tails wagging. Check out this tutorial to get started and let your pup shell-ebrate with you!
  5. Scuba diver with a message: Spread awareness about ocean plastics with this creative scuba diver costume. Use recycled plastic bottles to create your scuba gear and make a statement about the importance of protecting our oceans. Follow this DIY tutorial to dive into action and inspire others to join the fight against plastic pollution.
  6. Fish headbands: For something simple and effective, make a headband of your favorite fish and wear a matching colored shirt. Check out this tutorial to create your own fish headband and shore up in style!

You can go as much or as little as you like, all in the spirit of Ocean Week! Dress up as your favourite sea creature, show your love for the sea with maritime-themed attire, or wear blue – the choice is yours!