Water Rangers and Ocean Diagnostics Partner to Bridge Classroom Learning and Environmental Impact

New educational toolkits will advance STEAM and nature-based learning in Canadian Schools

For immediate release: Sept 18, 2023, Vancouver, B.C.

Water Rangers and Ocean Diagnostics have partnered to provide immersive nature-based learning opportunities to Canadian middle and high schools. With an aligned mission to protect the environment by collecting scientific data to fill knowledge gaps, the organizations have teamed up to provide transdisciplinary and hands-on STEAM-based activities, tools and technology to future environmental leaders.

“Together, we aim to empower the next generation with the real-world knowledge and skills needed to protect our valuable waterways.”

Kat Kavanagh, Water Rangers’ Executive Director
Ocean Diagnostics and Water Rangers

Canada boasts the world’s longest coastline, borders three oceans, and has the most freshwater lakes in
the world. Despite its vast water resources, Canadian waterways face serious threats, including pollution, acidification and harmful algae blooms influenced by human activities. The concerning state of Canada’s coastlines, lakes and rivers drove Water Rangers and Ocean Diagnostics into action.

Using Water Rangers’ Water Quality Testkits and Ocean Diagnostics’ Microplastics Educational Toolkits, students will learn about, collect, analyze and communicate data on water quality and microplastic pollution while building core competencies like data computation, critical thinking, and collaboration.

The Kits include suggested lesson plans, educational resources, science activities to collect and analyze data in the classroom or the field, cutting-edge technology like an AI-based imaging system and a water quality database, and communications tools. Developed in line with federal and provincial curricula, the activities can be tailored to meet teaching plans or shared among classrooms.

“We are thrilled to partner with Water Rangers to make environmental science and technology accessible to students across the country. This collaboration will significantly enhance opportunities for students to learn how to tackle the complex issues they will face in their lifetime.”

Ashley Erwin, Ocean Diagnostics Director of Marketing and Communications

The newly launched educational toolkits are available for purchase, offering a comprehensive and
engaging way for students to explore water quality and microplastics issues firsthand. To distribute these
toolkits into Canadian schools, Praise Osifo, Education Coordinator recently joined the teams.
For inquiries or further information, please contact Praise at [email protected].

About Ocean Diagnostics: Ocean Diagnostics Inc. (ODI) is a Victoria, B.C.-based environmental impact
company that diagnoses and protects our planet from the threats of plastic pollution and biodiversity
loss. Through innovative technology, cutting-edge laboratory capabilities and scientific experts, ODI
enables scientists and the public to collect the data needed to influence local and global solutions.

About Water Rangers: Water Rangers empowers communities and individuals with knowledge and tools
needed to monitor local water bodies. Through their testing equipment for both freshwater and marine
environments, they have made water testing accessible and enabled the public to help in protecting local