Thriving (and testing) together!

A few weeks ago, our BC Water Quality Coordinator, Roxanne, headed to Bowker Creek with Emeline, Robyn, and Jamil from Thrive Impact Fund!

While there, Roxanne demonstrated how to use Water Rangers’ Freshwater Explorer Kit. Then, the four of them got to work! Together, the group measured important water quality parameters including temperature, chlorine, pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen.

Here are some highlights!

As you can see, it was a beautiful sunny day, and a great time was had by all!

What is Thrive Impact Fund?

As it says on their website, Thrive Impact Fund invests in and supports organizations and social enterprises across British Columbia who are generating positive social, environmental, or cultural benefits.

Water Rangers is proud to be one of Thrive Impact Fund’s investees. Together, we’re providing communities in BC with the tools they need to look after the water they love. We wouldn’t be able to reach so many new people on the West Coast this year if it weren’t for Thrive Impact Fund, and we are extremely grateful for their support!

To learn more about our excursion with Thrive Impact Fund and the work we’re doing with them, check out their recent LinkedIn post. We think it sums things up pretty well!