Testkits for Indigenous communities!

Thank you for your interest. We’ve given out all of the testkits we had! Keep an eye our for our impact report coming soon to find out how they’re being used.

We’re looking to support Indigenous community groups, education programs, or individuals that want to test the water and share their data on our platform. The goal of our project is to better understand how testing the water can improve our relationship with water and nature, and find out who is most likely to take part in citizen science activities. Through a Lush grant we have 10 large testkits and 20 mini testkits to give away!

You can sign up by filling in the form below and we’ll contact you to figure out the type and number f testkit(s) that is right for you! You can also send an email to Laura to discuss your needs before signing up. Make sure to sign up or reach out to us!

Our large testkit
Our large testkit
Our mini testkit
Our mini testkit

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out our pre- and post-survey and give your contact details (they take about 15 min). The first survey is below, including the consent form with more information. The post survey asks very similar questions.
  • We’ll get in touch to get to know you more and see what your needs are and determine what kind of testkit would be good for you and how many. 
  • We’ll send the testkit(s).
  • Watch the training video to learn how to safely test the water. If this is for a larger group with more than one kit, we can have a webinar. 
  • Choose 3 locations, preferably on different waterbodies (they can be close to one another, we just hope they have different chemistries!) to visit easily once per month for 3 months.
  • Submit the observations using our app or online platform