End of testing season wrap-up!

Wow. What a testing season! Our testkit program this year meant we were able to support community groups to learn about water. Thank you, Ontario150, for supporting this project!



Our Impact Report

Our project was a huge success thanks to the dedication of our volunteer testers who used easy-to-understand tests to learn about water chemistry.  It was an incredible year: from our World Water Day event to watching our users having fun learning about waterways, we are so thankful to everyone who participated! Click here to read the whole report (4.7mb pdf):


Interested on how people changed?

Here’s an overview of how testing water using the testkits helped people learn about waterways and promoted change! (Best printed on tabloid-sized paper… here’s a pdf version )


What’s next?

We’re working on plans for next season, and finalizing our report from Carleton University, testing the validity of our kits. The preliminary report will be out in the next few weeks.

If you’d like to know more about the kits, or have a demo, please get in touch!