Spotlight: CWC Nature Pack

Who are they?

CWC Nature Pack is a small group of friends based in Kanata, Ontario who monitor the Monahan Drainage Basin. After discovering Water Rangers online, they applied to receive an Onatrio150 Testkit and were selected as one of the 17 groups.

Kathleen testing with CWC Nature Pack member Matt McCaw.
Kathleen testing with CWC Nature Pack member Matt McCaw.

Where do they test?

They test 5 different sites around the perimeter of the drainage basin. The sites were strategically chosen to include a test site near the inflow and outflow areas of the basin. They’ve made 12 observations so far!

CWC Nature Packs Testing Locations.
CWC Nature Pack’s Testing Locations.

What got them interested in water health?

The members of the group have had an interest in the outdoors since a young age and that love has continued into adulthood. They’ve been learning more about water quality testing and have a true understanding of the importance of protecting local waterways.

Testing at the Monahan Basin.
Testing at the Monahan Basin.

Did they have specific concerns for their test sites?

Their original concern for this body of water was the impact of runoff from the surrounding subdivisions and it’s effect on the water’s health. Since they all live in the surrounding area, the protection of the water and the ecosystem that surrounds it remains a top priority. 

Water Rangers would like to thank Ontario150 for the testkit funding and CWC Nature Pack for all their hard work!


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Photo credits to Matt McCaw.