Introducing… the Activity feed!

Thanks to the generous support of MEC, we are working on lots of new features to make our website even more useful for everyone. The first one, and the one people have been asking for the most was an activity feed!

You can see the latest observations and thumbnails on our app homepage!

See the activity feed

What people have been saying

“I check the website everyday to see what people are up to,” one of our users told us. Others said it was so great to see the photos and explore and learn about other groups. We’re so excited to look and see all your enthusiasm for using our site.

What’s next

That’s not all for the activity feed though. We’re going to allow you to hover over an observation in the list, which then shows you where it is on the map, and we’re redesigning the group page as part of some new features, so each group will also have their own activity feed. These features are coming this Fall!

There’s so much more in the works, being build right now. Features coming out this fall include custom forms (so that you can define your group’s protocol yourself) and actions (so you can learn more about what organizations want you to do to protect our wildlife)!

Thank you, MEC!

MEC has given us money so that we can increase our capacity. We love working with MEC, because their ethos is similar to ours: they want more people to get outside, protecting our beautiful waterways.

Over the next few months, you’ll see more big changes in what our platform can do thanks to this investment. We couldn’t do what we’re doing without the support of MEC! Thank you!


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