Introducing… Version 1 of our Offline App!

Thanks to the generous support of the City of Ottawa, we are launching our first version of our “Offline App”.

Testing technology in Ottawa’s winter means cold hands!

What it does

Many of our users love to record their observations in the field, but when using their web browser, they don’t get the smoothest experience. They also need to have 3G or wifi connection.

This app, built for iOS and Android, allows users to record data online or offline. Online, you can tap on the map to specify your location or add to an existing testing location, or hit the ‘+’ button to add an observation in your current location.

When offline, you can add an observation to your current location. It’s working roughly, but we know we have a long way to go!




Some screengrabs from version 1!

Download it on iOS now.

Ask to join our testing team for Android (coming soon, after we iron out some bugs).

We’re just getting started!

We realize that apps take time to perfect, but having a first release for iOS means we can only get better from here. We have lots of ideas we need to work on right away, including:

  • Bug fixing
  • User testing
  • Improvements to how forms and keyboards display
  • Showing nearby locations as a list, online and offline
  • Improvements to maps and responsiveness of the ‘find-me’
  • Android bugs for geolocation and crashing

Thank you to the team, including Dan Wichett, Ollie Kavanagh, Keith Turner and Mark Dabrowski for working so hard and donating so much extra time to making this happen.

Help us!

We are looking for users to give us their feedback on what is broken. Please email feedback to [email protected].

Water Rangers acknowledges the financial support from the City of Ottawa’s Community Environmental Projects Grant Program (CEPGP) in making this version possible.