Filtering the map, Regions, Gamification and data downloads!

This has been a busy year for Water Rangers, and thanks to our friends, Mobile Baykeeper, we received funding from the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program in order to create features to make Water Rangers more useful for groups in coastal Alabama.

Thank you so much Mobile Bay Estuary Program!

We have been able to do make our platform so much more useful for everyone, because of your generous support. This funding has helped us plan, test and make certain we can be helpful for groups and monitors in your region and others.


Filters & Regions!

Now, you can choose if you’d like to just see a certain type of test, or maybe only one group. Check it out! You can click on the three line icon on the left side of the map to uncover the filters.

This is very exciting. We have put in watersheds for Alabama, Ontario and the biggest world watersheds. Let us know if you’d like us to add your watershed in, or link your group to a specific watershed! We have also allowed groups to define their region, too. If you are the group admin, edit your group profile and then go to region. Use our tool to ‘draw’ around your area. You will be notified if any observations or issues are reported in that area! If you’d like to add your own group, please contact us. It’s free, but we like to talk to you about what we do before you sign up.

Here’s a video that shows you both filters and regions:

Badges and leaderboards

Groups are encouraged to record more observations by their leaderboards. Each user shows how active they are with their badges. We encourage people to revisit the same location, solve issues and more. This is a way to track your members automatically, and all groups can use it. If you’d like to set up your own group, please contact us.

Data exports and sharing

Each location now has a Download Data button on its summary view on the left side, so that you can have easy access to our data. You must be signed up and signed in to download data. You can also share individual observations, locations, and issues using Twitter or Facebook.


So much more to come!

We have big plans for 2017 to make our platform even better. If you have any questions or comments on these features, or would like to help us make the platform even better, please get in touch!