Testing tap water at home with a water quality kit

Testing tap water can help you understand the quality of the water you rely on at home. As we use our taps for drinking, cooking, cleaning and everything in between, it’s important to know your water is safe and clean. 

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Outdated or dysfunctional water systems can contaminate your water with unwanted chemicals. Some chemicals, like sulfates, can cause bad odours or tastes. Others, like lead, copper, and cadmium, can be dangerous. Often, chemical issues with water supply are colourless and odourless, so they’re only detectable with a chemical analysis. 

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Tap Water Testing Kit
Tap Score tap water testing kit

While our water quality testkits are best for lakes and oceans, groups like Tap Score have created easy-to-use monitoring kits for your home. Whether you have city-run water lines or your own well, they’ve created kits to test for common water quality concerns, including contaminants from plumbing or distribution lines.

How does it work?

The kits contain a sterile vial, along with everything you need to collect a water sample and send it to their certified laboratories. Once it’s been analyzed, you’ll be sent a water health report within 2 weeks!

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What tests are available?

Tap Score has kits available to test your tap water for most water health concerns. Start by choosing your water source and explore their kits to find the right one for you! 

For Private and Shared Wells

The only way to know what’s in your well is to perform a complete screen. Some potent carcinogens, like arsenic, have no taste or color.

For Water Utility Customers

Water from a utility can spend 3-7 days traveling through old pipes before reaching your home, where plumbing and fixtures can also influence water quality.


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