Help with funding your program

We want to help you! We’re a huge believer in partnerships to help the water testing movement to grow.

In the past, we’ve helped groups in many different ways, from collaborating with them on new features for our website (so long as they’re available to everyone), to get testkits, and to work on research for behaviour and accuracy. We are a national non-profit, based in Ottawa, so if you’re in a different region and want to work together, let us know!

Contact us for help with…

  • Letters of support for funding applications for water testkits
  • Help in estimating costs (don’t forget costs for shipping and sales tax!)
  • Co-applying for funding if you need help managing the project (if you have a fund in mind!)

Contact us

We also apply for funding for groups and educators, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for calls for applications (usually in Spring or early Summer).