Water Rangers Ambassador Program

About Water Rangers’ Ambassador Program

Water Rangers wouldn’t be here without our partners. We are always stronger working together. We want to give back! 

Water Rangers’ Ambassador Program is all about reinvesting funds into our community partners and supporting more monitoring and data sharing. 

Water Rangers’ Ambassador Program allows you to generate revenue for your organization while simultaneously helping to grow the sustainable water monitoring movement.

Are you a good fit for the Ambassador Program?

Are you an environmental organization? Do you want to help promote the sustainable water monitoring movement? Are you motivated to earn revenue? Finally, do you LOVE Water Rangers products?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions, then you are the ideal candidate!

How do I sign up?

Apply for the ambassador program here! We will be in touch.

Apply now!

How the Ambassador Program works

First, you have to register for an ambassador account. Once accepted, we’ll provide you with a link that’ll earn you a 10% commission on all sales generated by it! You can share this link with members of your community to use while making purchases, or you can embed it onto your website. 

We will also provide you with a set of assets including instructional PDFs, banners, and logos to use on your website. We can also mail you custom information cards for interested groups!

Click here for more information about Water Rangers.

Profile of an Ambassador

The ideal Water Rangers Ambassador will be able to check off most or all of these boxes when deciding if they are a good fit for the program:

  • You share our non-profit or environmental organization philosophy
  • You represent monitoring activities or groups, and the commission can be put towards offsetting costs, or expanding your activities. 
  • You have purchased from us in the past or are interested in doing so now. 
  • You have been given kits as part of a grant Water Rangers has received. 
  • Have led successful environmental/water monitoring projects 
  • You are currently recruiting or looking to expand your organization
  • Looking to earn revenue as an affiliate of Water Rangers