Safety while testing

Your safety is of paramount importance.

When you become part of the Water Rangers community, you acknowledge that you understand the risks associated with water testing activities and accept responsibility for your personal safety.

Have fun, but be safe while conducting your tests.

• If water is deeper than 0.5m, wear a lifejacket. This is a must when sampling near swift/deep water.

Questions about COVID-19?

For information on how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may affect your water testing season, please check out our COVID guide.

• Be extra careful around cold water. Sudden immersion into cold water could cause your body to go into shock.

• Wear proper clothing and footwear to protect yourself against the sun, rocks, mussels, and glass. Avoid wearing waders if there are waves.

• Always sample with a friend. It’s more fun, plus it’s safer.

• Check for hazards and avoid dangerous areas (e.g. large waves, faster moving water, bad weather conditions, thunder and lightning, rip currents, dangerous wildlife, construction). When in doubt, do not sample. No test is worth risking your life.

• Do not trespass onto private property.

• Before going on your sampling adventure, let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back.

• Never drink untreated water. Our water bottles are great for bringing clean water from home!

• Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after sampling, especially if you suspect contamination.

Our summer student, Erin, practicing proper safety by wearing a life jacket while out on the water

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Wait, there’s more!

Check out our blog for more information on how to have a safe and successful water testing season.